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Diabetes is a serious body condition whereby one's body is not able to produce or utilize the existing body insulin. Insulin is a body hormone that is responsible for activating body cells to produce glucose. The blood glucose should be at optimum levels. The blood sugar level rises, the body suffers.


 Every year, millions of people are diagnosed with diabetes. People of all ages have been diagnosed with diabetes. Type 2diabetes is common with those aged between 35-50 years. There are various symptoms that one has diabetes. The symptoms may show slowly while in some people, all the symptoms may show at once. The signs include the following: extreme hunger or thirst, frequent urination, sudden weight loss, blurred vision, numbness in the hands or feet, increased infections, excessive dry skin, fatigue, and wounds taking long to heal. Type 1 diabetes exhibits signs such as nausea, stomach pains and vomiting.


So what is this type one and type 2diabetes?  With type 1 diabetes, the immune system destroys body cells that produce insulin. This is also known as juvenile onset diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is the condition when the body resists to insulin. Besides these two types of diabetes, there is another one called gestational diabetes. It only affects pregnant women. If not treated, this type of diabetes can be dangerous to the mother and the child.


If your body exhibits the above symptoms and you suspect that you may be suffering from diabetes, you should visit the doctor immediately. Take a diabetes blood test and a diabetes glucose test. If the results are positive, start treatment immediately. Your doctor will always advise you accordingly. Once you have started treating diabetes, it is good to have blood glucose monitor and blood glucose meters. These will enable one to adjust their insulin dose which is meant to raise or lower the blood glucose test levels.


If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, it is important to start management early. Healthy eating habits have always worked in easing the symptoms of diabetes. A diabetes patient should take a balanced diet that has carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins. Proper nutrition is a defense against diabetes. The following should never miss in the diet of a diabetic patient; fruits, vegetables, poultry, whole grains, lean meat, beans and 2% milk.


Diabetes is dangerous if left untreated. It might cause other body problems such as foot problems, infections and eye problem. Prolonged diabetes can lead to amputation and total blindness. Other problems may include kidney failure and heart disease. Diabetes is a big cause of death in the world.


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